Lawn Care

If aeration is usually carried out once a year, or even less frequently, then scarifying (combing) is done up to three times per season as necessary. The lawn is cleaned of old grass and debris using a rake or garden machinery. At the same time, scratching loosens up the topsoil.

We recommend scarifying (bringing the stems upright) after heavy loads such as playing games in which the grass is pinned down and before mowing. This helps to create a perfectly even surface.

lawn care

As a rule, a single garden machine can combine several functions, which can be selected by changing nozzles and modes. In this way, the scarifier can aerate and scarify, while in an elevated position the nozzle can be scarified. Scarifying can also be fitted with a scarifying function. When choosing a garden implement, note that with a garbage collector, you do not have to waste time cleaning up plant residues.

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From time to time, a lawn may need spot cosmetic repairs. Some places may have potholes, hollows, trampled or scorched spots. In such areas, fertile soil is sprinkled and the grass is sown, or even replaced by the topsoil. At the same time, it is necessary to establish and eliminate the very cause of the problem. It may be necessary to move the track, make corrections to the drainage system or change the composition of the grass mixture. It is worth noting that such problems are rare if all the lawn installation rules are followed and if the lawn is maintained professionally.

The well-known expression “beauty requires sacrifice” in the case of a lawn undoubtedly works. But, to be fair, it should be noted that the victims in this case are not so great. But as a reward you will get a flat elegant lawn, pleasing to the eye from season to season.

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