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Garden paths

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Originally, experienced specialists advise to take up track placement. This is a mandatory element in landscape design.

Even before a person decided to transform a dacha plot, he had already walked on the territory near the house several times.

After that, the paths should already appear. These are the ones that can serve as a basis for paths.

They use a shovel to mark the edges of the path. You have to draw straight lines. You shouldn’t make sharp corners, as it will be inconvenient to walk further.

To create tracks you can choose different materials, but the most economical is the stone. In addition, such a material fits beautifully into the design, well combined with the grass.

Before creating a concrete base, a trench is dug along the already planned paths. The depth of the trench should be 15 cm.

lanscape design

At the bottom you need to pour sand 5 cm high. The road can be framed with a kerb or a brick. This will complete the image and will also prevent the path from parting.

To make the track stronger, you should use a reinforcing tape. A net of rods is also suitable.

It should be laid on the sand and then poured with concrete. Be careful here, as the filling should be even, for which the board is used.

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