Physiotherapy in Toronto

Physiotherapy is a set of meth

ods to treat various diseases with the help of physical factors such as electric current, magnetic radiation, heat, light and many others. The first physiotherapists can be considered ancient medical scientists of Hippocrates, Asklepiada, Pliny, who successfully treated patients with massage, therapeutic mud, acupuncture. Even today physiotherapy is an integral part of treatment of many diseases as well as rehabilitation after severe injuries and surgeries.

Physiotherapy in Toronto

To achieve maximum effect in the treatment of diseases, reduce the risk of adverse reactions, get rid of pathologies or increase the time of remission between exacerbations, the prescription of physiotherapeutic procedures should be performed by a certified physiotherapist.
In the treatment of acute inflammatory processes (bronchitis, otitis, arthritis) is effective prescription of UHF (ultra-high frequency currents) or UVF (quartz ultraviolet irradiation). To relieve acute pain in neuralgia, radiculitis effectively treated with Bernard’s diadynamic currents, electrophoresis of analgesics and vasodilators.

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