Brazilian Butt Lift Vancouver

Weight loss, childbirth, aging and other circumstances can leave many individuals with a less than desirable derrière. Unfortunately, genetics can also leave many people with a saggy, small and flat rear end. Furthermore, the butt can lack balance and proportion, and simply leave a feeling of inadequacy. As a Vancouver, BC resident, you may be unhappy with your posterior for a number of reasons, while wondering how you can enhance your rear with no viable options in your area.

Brazilian Butt Lift Vancouver

Understanding the Brazilian Butt Lift Vancouver

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a layered and unique surgery that involves the removal of excess fat deposits from other areas of the body, injected into the posterior. This helps to create a rear end that is ample, natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (also referred to as BBL) is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons called the BBL, “one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures…” The ASPS also noted that BBL surgeries increased “…26% between 2016 and 2015.”

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