Betting Strategy

The coefficients reflect the probability of a certain event. They are formed by bookmakers (on betting exchanges it is the players themselves). The higher the probability of a certain outcome, the lower the odds.

It is very easy to calculate the potential winnings. The sum of bets and odds are multiplied among themselves.

For example, take the football match between Brazil and Russia. Obviously, the chances of Brazilians are higher. Bookmakers put the odds of 1.30 on their victory and 7.00 on the Russians’ triumph.

Betting Strategy

Having put 1000 rubles on the favorite, you will earn 1300 rubles (1000*1,3). 1000 rubles per draw – 4500 rubles, the same amount per outsider – 7000. If your forecast is wrong, all the money will go to the bookmaker.

To put at random is not recommended. To win, you must understand the sport and play when you are sure that the forecast will be correct.

Bookmakers put quite a wide line, so the bettor can choose the best event. For each match, the player is offered 100 to 1000 different forecast options.

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