Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Unpredictable weather is one of the biggest reasons why Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance simply doesn’t cut it. If a summer drought sets in, mowing becomes unnecessary, but watering becomes essential. Certain weather patterns can lead to insect infestations one year, but not the next year. Weather aside, a newly planted shrub may need extra fertilizer to jump start growth, whereas established groundcover may need a growth regulator to slow it down. You’ve got to be able to adapt to the surrounding environment and potential weather conditions. And management is all about knowledgeable adaptation.

Many landscapers stick to a rigid maintenance schedule, and some even let plants and trees deteriorate so they can get paid to remove and replace them. But at Engledow, we would never do anything that might negatively affect the lives of your plants. We manage landscapes according to our decades of horticultural experience, and we always want to help you avoid costly plant replacements whenever possible.

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance involves trimming and pruning trees and shrubs that are incorporated in your landscape design. While many homeowners attempt to do this job themselves, we recommend hiring a professional, as balance is key. Heavy pruning damages the plant and could stunt its growth. Too little pruning causes your trees or plants to overgrow and crowd your other plants, causing grass and plants underneath them to die.

Your large shrubs, bushes, and trees are cornerstones for your landscape design. Focusing on keeping them trimmed and healthy translates into a beautiful and long-lasting landscape. Pruning and trimming should occur when the plants are dormant and before the growing season. At the end of winter or early spring is a great time to do this!

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