Green Shock – Tahoe TSR

Green Shock – Tahoe TSR is nestled in the heart of Trinity County in the internationally known Emerald Triangle. They are a small team of seasoned, craft cultivators who produce small batches. And utilize full sun cannabis with love, intention while focusing on sustainability. Their cannabis is grown in native soil allowing it to fully express the local terroir that has made this region famous, and you taste it in every puff! Sespe Creek Collective is excited to announce it’s now carrying two strains of eighths and a pre-roll. Mother’s Milk — This is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Nepali OG and Appalachia.

Green Shock – Tahoe TSR

One of the newest emerging brands in the Canadian Cannabis industry is Golden Monkey Extracts. They have produce everything from edibles to tinctures but let’s focus on their shatters today. Not only is Golden Monkey Extracts packaging distinct, but they also offer 10 different shatters that include indica, sativa and hybrid strains. Who doesn’t love options! Since their initial debut on Pacific Grass, their shatters have been a crowd favourite with their tasty smoke coupled with great value. As a producer of vape cartridges, shatters, diamonds and more, Elite Elevation does it all! They have a known reputation for providing quality shatters at a great price. With a commitment to providing quality and consistent products, those who have left reviews for their shatters note that their shatters are always clean and potent.

Green Shock is the shatter expert with a line of shatter cartridges and over 10 different types of shatters. With a motto of inhaling and exhalinп, Green Shock notes that they have one of the most potent shatters on the market with their lab tested products housing the most THC of its category in Canada. Most reviews left on these products note a tasty and clean smoke – what everyone wants from a shatter dab or vape!

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