Landscaping Tips

Here are a few tips to go about while you are landscaping:

1 Making a Hedge

Make sure that you plant the stately columns of junipers in the corner of your garden if you’re looking for a rose or weigela climber. For a colorful summer, plant a low flowered hedge of gold privet or deep pink spirea. You may even try the black plants lkike fountain grass, or chocolate cosmos that are in fact deep purple or burgundy.

2 Mow when dry and cold

Make sure you mow the landscape hedge when the conditions are cold and dry. Try mowing in the late afternoon or early in the evening or morning.

3 Use Vibrant Colors

Our landscaping contractor will tell you that you can make your garden come alive with the help of orange, red and yellow shades. In case you have a large garden, these plants or colors can make your garden look smaller, or for that matter make a small garden even more compressed. Hence, you need to use them cautiously. The red or yellow plants can fix a tiny garden space.

4 Use Thatching

A thatch that extends to a considerable extent can make the garden or landscapes look hydrophobic by blocking water movement. It also prevents pesticides and fertilizers reach the soil.

5 Use a Hedge, not Fence

It prevents bad views, keeps pets and kids away and makes good backgrounds for flowers.

6 Lime?

Not all landscaping design requires lime; it is needed when the pH value of the soil falls beneath a certain degree.

7 Maintenance Products

These include degreasers, efflorescence and rust removers, stain removers etc.

8 Preparing Soil under Trees

For a groundcover, plant 15 cm soil and 10 cm organic matter. Add bone meal before raking.

9 Entrance Planting

Old homes are good for upright shrubs, while modern houses can benefit from pyramid-shaped plants.

10 Water Table

The landscape water table should ideally be 4 feet beneath topsoil for sustaining roots/shrubs.

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