Landscaping Services

Landscaping Las Vegas offers a host of services to their clients for bettering the look and feel of your lawns. We realize that the art of landscape is an art in itself and this is the reason as to why our landscape contractors make the best use of the services that are offered. The range of our services take into account excellent designing and perception skills that help you make the most of your available resources. The job of our landscaping contractor is to cater to the needs of commercial as well as residential landscapers. There are a variety of services that we offer and some of them are as follows:

Professional Design and Installation: The landscapers at Landscaping of Las provide unique and often enhanced landscaping design for onsite as well as building and landscape construction purposes. Other than that, we proffer drafting as well as computer imaging services, taking into account the tropical or desert look (also known as xeriscaping). Our plan sketches take into account the best of features of landscapes by preparing a draft of several layouts. Once we are through with the initial site design, we focus on the localized site characteristics such as landscape climate, site specialty etc.

Landscape Designs: Our designs are aesthetically inspired and this is why we have clients who return to us every time. With the help of enhanced concepts, we get right down to the basics to get projects that ensure the beautification of your garden as well as yard. With our skilled landscape contractors offering the best of ideas, we ensure that you are provided with best lawn services at affordable rates.

Tropical and Desert Landscapes: We can create an enhanced tropical look for your garden or lawn by taking on unique landscaping strategies with the help of permanent features or hardscape or plant paraphernalia or softscape. This helps us attain the very best of look and feel of a climate, even if you are not living in it. We also specialize in xeriscaping with cacti and other arid plants.

Irrigation Repair: Landscaping of Las provides irrigation repair services that help you correct a leaking sewer or drainage system that needs repair.

Enhancements: Our landscape enhancement plans like floral accents, site renovation and others help make the most of your garden.

Artificial Turf: Many of us go for artificial grass turf in our homes, and these are suitable to pets, especially dogs. A lot of dog lovers go for artificial grass turfs for ensuring a better environment for their pets.

Rocks: We provide rock and gravel carpeting to your lawn or garden.

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