Eco lawn santa barbara

Eco-garden (or as it is also called Natur Garden) means that the natural style in landscape design will be formed in a natural natural shape. Often it is also called forest or eco style (eco lawn santa barbara). It is the so-called scenic chaos created by nature, but ordered by man. Gardens designed in the natural style are inspired by forests, meadows, woods or deserts thanks to their planting style and colour palette. Depending on your climate, your unruly garden can feel like a shady forest shelter with lots of fern, shrubs and forest flowers.

Where did the fashion for natural style come from?

Landscape design in eco style is not a new idea. Back in ancient times, the architect and architecture theorist Vitrujovi described Natur Garden, which was characterized by an exceptional natural landscape. Many years later, in 1713, the British poet Alexander Popois published an article in which he “defeated” unnatural plantations.

According to many architects, theorists, nature is the most outstanding landscape designer, whose work cannot be spoiled. This idea was picked up by many gardeners, and so it developed until the gardens in the natural style returned to the trend.

Forest Style Characteristics

The natural style in landscape design has several important features:

  • it does not touch, but preserves the natural fragments and relief;
  • the human intrusion in the design must not be conspicuous.
  • in the Naturgarden style, there are certainly natural shaped ponds;
  • there must be fish in the ponds.

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