Perez landscaping sb

Perez landscaping will help you to solve your landscaping products:

Preparation activities

Careful preparation of the territory is the key to ensuring that the landscaping works will be completed on time and will not face “unforeseen circumstances”. This is especially important for new, uncomfortable plots after the house construction. Not taken out, but often buried construction waste, unsuitable soil from under the foundation can seriously complicate the work. Also, before the beginning of landscape construction, dry and emergency trees should be removed and undergrowth cleaned. 

Excavation work

It is hard to imagine the creation of a garden without any earthworks. Any leveling of the area, vertical planning of the site involves the movement, removal and delivery of earth masses. The construction of paths, sites and, moreover, water bodies begins with excavation. In most cases, the construction of a lawn requires the removal of existing soil and the introduction of new fertile soil, followed by levelling and compaction. 


Separately, it should be noted that geoplastics is an artificial architectural and artistic change of relief, with the help of which even on an absolutely flat area you can create an interesting relief that reflects the idea of the designer.

In areas with complex reliefs, work is carried out to form and strengthen the slopes.

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