Arcadia studio santa barbara

Solving complex problems with the help of landscape design

A key indicator of the quality of the landscape designer’s work is not assessed by the external beauty of trees and shrubs, these plant characteristics should be “default”. The general harmony of all elements of landscaping and greenery is important. Each element in the landscape is located in the most suitable place for it and carries a certain visual and functional load.

One should not forget the importance of engineering networks. Prior to the start of major landscaping work is the installation of all engineering networks and communications necessary for the quality operation of the residential building and the surrounding area in the future.
Having previously developed a number of projects for the construction and operation of engineering networks, it is time to start direct installation of water drainage systems, laying electric networks of park lighting and automatic irrigation system. All these elements will be invisible to the eye, but play a crucial role in creating a modern site for comfortable living.

Arcadia studio Santa Barbara will solve your landscape problems.

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