Fbs forex

Did you practice on the demo account? Have you worked out different strategies, which you learned during the training, selected several suitable for you? Now you can open a real account.

You determine the amount on your account yourself, but a forex dealer may have his own minimum deposit limit. It is better to start with a deposit, which you will not be afraid to lose.

It is not a fact that your strategy tested on a demo account will be just as successful on a real account. You will have to spend some more time and money to sharpen it and develop your style. You can use several strategies at once, so you will reduce your risks a bit.

fbs forex

What if a fbs forex dealer violated my rights or I lost all my money?

There’s no income security on forex. The money you deposit with a forex dealer is not insured by the government. But if you encounter other problems – for example, a licensed forex dealer does not execute your orders in real time, but with a delay or does not return the deposit at your request – then contact the Bank of Russia.

If you have entered into a contract with a company that does not have a Bank of Russia license and it violates your rights, write an application to the police. Before you do so, gather all the documents you have: contracts concluded with a fraudulent intermediary, checks for money transfers, take screenshots from the website.

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