Lemon banana strain

Lemon banana strain is a hybrid strain that achieved fame in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup when Dabblicious Extracts processed it into an extract worthy of 1st place in the Best Hybrid Concentrate category.

Lemon Bananas is a flavor-engineered hybrid. This bud’s breeders and its genetic lineage are not well documented. Even so, Lemon Bananas is praised for its potent and slow-moving effects. Although extract producer Dabblicious has created a resin named Lemon Bananas, it’s not clear whether this concentrate is made from flowers of the Lemon Bananas strain.

Flowers of Lemon Bananas are distinguished by a small to medium size and a chunky, roughly spherical formation. They adhere in a compact, indica-typical structure, with small leaves that curl inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green and are shot through with contrasting orange pistils. Cloudy, sticky trichomes finish off these solid buds.

Lemon banana strain

Lemon Bananas’ name only hints at its complex flavor profile. On first inspection, cured flowers have a tangy citrus aroma. There may also be some fruity accents lurking underneath, more akin to tree fruits like apples than to bananas. Meanwhile, grinding up these dense flowers yields a spicy, hashy odor, perhaps suggesting landrace Afghani in this strain’s background. When it is combusted, Lemon Bananas burns with a smooth and easily inhaled smoke; on the exhale, this smoke tastes like lime and finished with a creamy, banana-like mouthfeel.

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